Funeral Wishlist

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When someone passes away, there’s a lot to do and to think about for those left behind. In addition to processing the grief, they have to arrange many practical things, and here the question of what the wishes of the deceased would be is very important.

That is why Extura has prepared a document for you, in which you may record all your personal funeral wishes.

With this you will leave practical information behind for your loved ones and you take away the additional burden so that they can process the grief. But it also gives you the opportunity to clearly define and share all your personal wishes, making sure that your funeral goes according to your desires.

The document contains a number of topics:

  • Personal information
  • A checklist that can be used after the passing
  • Finances
  • Your will
  • Funeral wishes

And of course it provides space for your personal notes.

Your personal document

Download Download your Funeral Wishlist here.