Your funeral insurance

    Make it happen
    We all love to celebrate special moments in life. The celebration of a newborn, graduation or wedding: we go above and beyond to make these moments memorable. But what happens when we are confronted with planning a funeral? Many of us don’t really like to think about this moment, so we procrastinate. Truth is, we have to give it the same amount of thought as we do with any other celebration.

    Plan the unexpected
    There are many uncertainties in life. But one thing is certain: we all have to say goodbye one day. Most of us don’t know when or how, but we most likely will leave someone behind that cares about us. So why not take the time to plan out how you want your loved ones to experience this moment? Nowadays a basic funeral costs somewhere in between 6.000 and 10.000 guilders. If you wish to have something more extensive, the costs can easily exceed 12.000 guilders. Avoiding to take the necessary steps to plan your funeral means you are leaving behind a heavy financial burden for your loved ones at a time when they are worst equipped to deal with this.

    Be responsible
    Even though you won’t be able to experience your own funeral, it is your responsibility! Planning a funeral is very personal. The same as in life, people have different wishes and demands. That’s why we invite you to visit our office to receive a more detailed explanation of the insurance options, including the insured amount and premium. We can help you protect your loved ones from the financial burden of paying for your funeral costs.